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Melisa Baez - Co Founder

Melisa has played a crucial role in the success of the Attollo program. She was an integral partner in helping to form the program into what we have today. Melissa has been working closely with families and students in the greater effort of changing the community around her.

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Finishing Strong

The Rubik’s Cube. When I started working at Children Deserve a Chance Foundation this summer, I had no idea...

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Is college Worth it?

The give and take of the 21st century has some people questioning whether college is a good investment for students. Statistics show...

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A New Focus

If you haven’t noticed, Children Deserve a Chance has been going through some changes in the last few months. We took some time earlier this year to step back and reevaluate our programs and methods...

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How to build “Focus Stamina”

We all know that students start their day off with a certain level of "focus stamina”. Over time this can be increased and improved...

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Adam Serrano - Marketing

Originally from Brooklyn New York, Adam spent the majority of his life in the heart of Pennsylvania. He is a proud graduate of J.P. McCaskey High School and attended Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts...  

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I’ve met some very smart people here in Lancaster who doubt whether a college degree is important.  They are not exactly anti-college, but their catchphrase is “college isn’t for everyone.”  Still, when it comes to poor communities vying for membership to this nation’s Decision-Making Club, rather than supporting them these people are...

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Leonel Silva - Business Stratagist

Born in the Dominican republic Leonel moved to Lancaster in 2001 in pursuit of a better education. After graduating from J.P McCaskey he attended Millersville University where he earned a B.A in Economics. While at Millersville he researched the structure of high schools, was heavily involved...

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Driver’s License

Few coming-of-age rituals in our car-centric culture are as important as getting one’s driver’s license.  I remember being fifteen and already forecasting how to get mine.  All around me, drivers offered advice.  They told me what to study in the DMV booklet, which driver’s ed instructor was not boring, and what hour was best...

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We’re Surrounded by Greatness

I am a recent Lancaster transplant, having moved here from a too-large metropolitan area that had an uncomfortably expensive cost of living. Lancaster was attractive with its burgeoning downtown, smiling citizens and sunny outlook. What is most attractive about Lancaster is...

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Jordan Steffy - Organization Founder

Jordan Steffy has founded, led and championed Attollo from the beginning. He has a deep passion for seeing this generation become even more successful then the previous. His focus and determination is what has helped many students get into and through college.

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Erin McMonagle - Director of Curriculum Development

Since Erin has joined the foundation she has been working to make the program Curriculum exceptional. Her leadership with developing our curriculum has been an important step in to taking Attollo to the next level.

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Barbara Snyder - Grant Writer

New to the organization, Barbara has joined the team to help in the grant writing and funding process for the organization. She is an essential member of the team as Attollo's program grows and its needs increase. We're happy to have her on our team and know she will be a fantastic addition.