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We empower youth with the skills required to
rise above obstacles and become more
than they once believed possible.


We take our Scholars’ futures seriously and fully realize that they are changing their communities and our world. They are ambitious and know what it takes to succeed. Our staff puts everything they have into our Scholars. Our program encourages ambitious young people to fully realize their potential. This program is making a difference, but we need your help. We need your time, resources and connections to keep this program strong.

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Within the center of Downtown Lancaster there is a youth haven sitting on 16 West King Street, where education counts and leaders are made. This building is home to Attollo, program of Children Deserve A Chance Foundation (CDCF), an organization dedicated to engaging and empowering Lancaster youth with the value of education and hard work. Through mentoring, tutoring, and professional exposure, Attollo develops young public-spirited citizens with scholastic aptitude and strong principles. With the ultimate goal of getting students to and through college, Attollo proudly provides merit scholarships, motivational speakers, and educational programs dedicated to literacy enhancement, character development, and entrepreneurship.

Our Attollo program consists of 40 inner-city Scholars of all ages and backgrounds. Each Scholar embodies tremendous potential, yet faces adversity in his or her life. As full-time mentors and tutors, we develop relationships with our Scholars, parents and educators in order to ensure a recurring theme of success in each of our Scholar’s lives and futures. Our objective is to be a beacon of hope to adolescents who are in high-risk areas and are in need of positive role models reminding them that college is possible and necessary. We work closely with our Scholars to develop individualized plans of action. Since the beginning of our program, we have been a major part in leading our graduating seniors to college and look forward to the programs continued success.

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